Nose Ring Diamond Sizes

Diamond Sizes for Nose Rings

Nose Ring Diamond Sizes

How do I know what diamond size to choose for my nose piercing?

1.5mm Diamond - This diamond size is super-tiny.  If you are looking for something discrete to add a tiny bit of sparkle to your nose piercing, then this is a good option.  Keep in mind that it is very small, so if you are looking for something that will be more noticeable, a larger diamond size is your best bet.

2.0mm Diamond - This is the standard diamond nose ring size.  At only 1/2 of a millimeter larger than the 1.5mm, the 2.0mm diamond is still cute and dainty but is large enough to add a subtle sparkle to your nose piercing. 

2.5mm Diamond - This is our most popular diamond size.  It's a good size for most nose piercings and won't go unnoticed.  The larger the diamond, the more color reflection and sparkle your nose ring will have.  

3.0mm Diamond - This rock is bling! This diamond size is perfect if you are looking for a nose ring that will really stand out and shine like crazy.

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