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Privacy Policy


Protecting your personal information is a high priority to us, consequently we use sophisticated encryption technology to protect all of your personal information when you make a purchase. FreshTrends LLC, FreshTrends® is the sole owner of the information collected on this site. All of your private information is kept strictly confidential, as highlighted below.

Data Use:
We will never share, lend, lease or sell any private information to a third party, your information will only be used in the processing of your FreshTrends order. You will never receive unsolicited emails or calls from any third party.

Customer Protection:
We are a McAfee Secure certified site free of malware, viruses and other harmful things that could put your information at risk. Our checkout page is a https SSL secure page which ensures that all of your order information stays safe and encrypted.

Credit Card Processing:
Like most websites, we do use third party companies for payment processing. These websites are not legally allowed to share this information with any additional third parties. They also adhere to heavy security guidelines and safety precautions.

Credit Card Storing:
FreshTrends customers do have the ability to store their credit card information in their online accounts if they choose to provide an easier checkout experience. It is entirely optional for customers to store this information in their own accounts and will never be forced to do so. This information is safe, secure and encrypted. We also do not store your CVV number (the three or four-digit number located on the front or back of your credit card), an order cannot be placed without this information. FreshTrends does not have access to your credit card information at any time as it is encrypted on our end as well. We also utilize third party fraud detection software. Our website can detect certain things that could indicate suspicious activity. FreshTrends® reviews these orders daily and we handle them accordingly.

External Website Links:
Our website may contain outside website links. FreshTrends® is not responsible for the privacy policy of any other site and/or what they do with their information. We advise all of our website visitors to be cautious of this fact and to be careful when leaving our website. FreshTrends can only be held responsible for the information collected on FreshTrends.com

FreshTrends.com LLC.

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